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The following page is a tuition agreement for the Chabad Hebrew School. The agreement explains the tuition fees, payments plans and refund policies. Please read it through carefully and sign it on the line marked signature. The signed tuition agreement along with full payment must be submitted to the school office before any child will be permitted to attend classes.

The tuition for the Chabad Hebrew School is $900 + $75 Security Fee per year per child for one day session. There is a 5% discount off of the regular tuition for each additional child of the same family.

You may choose from the following payment methods.

PLAN A: You may pay the entire amount in full . You may use your Visa , Amex or Master Card to pay the tuition. To do so please include your credit card number and Information at the bottom of this page.

PLAN B: You may pay the annual tuition on a monthly basis by submitting 7 checks, dated September through March. All checks must be submitted before the first day of Hebrew School.

PLAN C: You may use your Visa, AMEX or Master Card to pay the tuition.Your credit card will be billed seven times, Septmeber through March. To do so please include your credit card number and information at the payment page.

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