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Curriculum • 2022/2023


Dear parents, 

Chabad Hebrew School is thrilled to announce an incredible program that will capture your child’s heart in the upcoming year. 

We are excited to be taking students of Chabad Hebrew School on a journey that will leave them feeling proud in their Jewish identity, self-confident, and empowered. We believe that a safe and nurturing environment will allow your child to thrive. Through a hands-on learning experience, your child will develop a strong sense of belonging and individuality.

At Chabad Hebrew School, we are always working on enhancing our curriculum to make it more of an immersive and meaningful Jewish experience. This year, we have worked hard to assemble a curriculum that will expand your child’s knowledge base while encouraging your child’s creative side to blossom.

Using educational tools, such as theater, crafts, STEM, and filmmaking, we will be diving deep into the first book of the Torah. From Adam and Eve through The Great Flood and until the story of Yosef, your child will cultivate a strong Jewish identity, Torah values, and be able to flourish emotionally, physically, and mentally. They will know that this is their story and feel a sense of belonging as a part of Jewish history.

We are looking forward to exploring this incredible course and growing with you this year.


Rabbi Yitz Abend

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